UN Praises Israel for its Fight Against Corruption

April 28, 2015  

Israel has long complained of the UN’s vocal bias against it, but a new report by the UN Convention against Corruption on Tuesday recognized that the Jewish state’s fight against public corruption is worthy of praise and accolades.

A summary of the report particularly lauds Israel’s law enforcement in the field of preventing corruption, given that Israel’s efforts have shown even leading politicians are not above the law in terms of graft, reports the Israeli business news site Globes.

The UN report particularly makes mention of Israel’s putting public figures on trial, as well as its legislative steps and the State Attorney’s Office’s guidelines to prevent bribery.

It also speaks glowingly of Israel’s governmental arrangements regarding the foreclosure of assets, and cooperation between the different law enforcement authorities within the state, as well as cooperation between Israeli authorities and international agencies in fighting corruption.

The report was released as one step in the context of a wider probe conducted as part of Israel’s participation in the UN convention.

In forming the report, a UN investigative team visited Israel, focusing on how Israel was enforcing half of the convention’s 70 sections. An assessment on the second half of the sections will be released in a future report.

The UN investigation was coordinated with the Justice Ministry’s criminal law consultation as well as legislation and international law departments, and additionally with the State Attorney’s Office.

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