UK Parliament considers bill supporting IDF draft dodger

January 19, 2016  

English MP Caroline Lucas has submitted a proposal to express solidarity with Tair Kaminer, an Israeli teen who received a 20-day jail sentence for refusing to join the IDF.

The motion states that “This house… applauds the courage, tenacity and principles of Tair Kaminer, and all other conscientious objectors, in taking a brave position in a country which has been at war since its creation in 1948 and in a society which is seems to continue to become increasingly militarised.”

Lucas is the first Green Party member to be elected to the UK’s parliament. She has previously expressed her admiration for vandals who destroyed £200,000 ($285,000 US) worth of industrial equipment because the factory produces materials used by the IDF. Despite being a member of the Greens, she has called for a boycott against Arad Technologies, a company that produced environmentally-friendly water filters.

Kaminer says that she is protesting against Israel’s policies towards Palestinians, and has called on the government to renew negotiations.

Her case has drawn attention around the world, and followers have sent hundreds of letters to Israeli authorities, demanding that she be released. This coming Saturday her supporters are planning to hold a demonstration in front of the prison where she is being held.

At the same time, others have submitted police complaints against Kaminer, claiming that she is inciting others to dodge the draft.

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