U.S. Has 150 Targets in Syria – Report

August 27, 2013  

Lebanese security sources told the London-based Asharq al Awsat newspaper Tuesday that the U.S. has a list of about 150 targets that it would strike in a possible attack on Syria.

The list is largely made up of military installations that include air force and aerial defense bases, missile bases, command and control sites and communications centers.

“The target bank is in Washington’s hands, and it may bring allies to take part in the attacks if need be,” the security sources told the newspaper.

The sources estimated that the targets would not be limited to the mountainous regions of Syria. “Targets near Damascus and air fields – where jets that stymie the Opposition’s advance in the fight against the government are based – are being taken into account by the Americans. So are launch sites of short range missiles, surface missiles and mobile launchers,” they said.

US President Barack Obama has ordered his legal advisers to draw up a document outlining the legal justifications for military intervention in Syria.

According to a CBS News report there is unanimous support for such military action within the Obama administration, following an apparent chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime on a suburb of Damascus which killed hundreds, mostly civilians.

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