Two Terrorists Arrested When They Try to Stab Soldiers

May 3, 2015  

Two terrorists tried to stab an IDF soldier Sunday night near the Yakir Junction in central Samaria. The terrorists drew knives and prepared to stab the soldiers, but were halted and detained.

The terrorists were taken in for questioning. No one was injured. They will be brought to court Monday for an extension of their remand.

Last month, an IDF soldier was seriously wounded in an attack north of Jerusalem, on Highway 60, near  the entrance to the community of Maaleh Levona (near the village of Sinjil). The soldier  suffered serious wounds when he was stabbed in his upper body. Another soldier was lightly wounded in the attack.

A week before that, an Arab terrorist stabbed an IDF soldier at the Oranit Checkpoint along the Trans-Samaria Highway. The soldier, 22, was stabbed in the upper body,The soldier, a commander of a paratrooper unit, suffered cuts to both his head and his limbs. 

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