Two Rockets Hit Ashkelon Beach

March 13, 2012  

Terrorists in Gaza fired two rockets at Ashkelon on Tuesday evening, breaking the short cease-fire declared late on Monday.

The rockets exploded in the Ashkelon Beach Regional Council. There were no physical injuries or property damage.

At least seven rockets were fired at Israel on Tuesday, after Egypt brokered a ceasefire between Israel and the terror groups there.

Islamic Jihad, a terror faction heavily involved in recent rocket attacks on Israeli communities, has said it will not honor any truce that does not include Israel’s promise to halt targeted killings of terror leaders.

Last Friday, Israel struck serveral terror gangs in Gaza intelligence reports indicated were planning to stage an attack on the newly reopened Route 12 – the site of a deadly terror attack last august that let 8 Israelis dead.

The head of the Popular Resistance Committees, Zuhir Musa Ahmed Qaisi and his deputy, Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud Hanani, were killed in the airstrike.

In the following four days terror groups in Israel fired more than 200 rockets at Israeli civilians, while the IAF responded by targeting the cells firing the rockets – killing 27 Gazans, of whom 25 were terrorists.

The IDF laid the blame for civilian casualties at the door of the terror gangs, noting they were firing rockets from deep within densley populated civilian areas and using civilians as human shields.

IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz, who previously called for a major ground incursion into Gaza to root out the terror infrastructure there, promised  “Quiet for quiet and fire against fire,” after the cease-fire was declared.

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