Two Arab educators dismissed for inciting against IDF

November 4, 2015  

Two Arab educators from Jerusalem were fired in the past week over their classroom incitement against the Israeli military, thanks to pressure from Education Minister Naftali Bennett. 

One, a teacher at an elementary school in the Arab neighborhood of Beit Hanina received a letter of dismissal on Wednesday, while the school’s principal was fired last weekend. 

On Tuesday, Education Ministry director-general Michal Cohen met with representatives from the Dar al-Hahmah school’s board of directors, rebuking them for the educators’ conduct and threatening to revoke the school’s license should a similar issue arise. 

The representatives apologized and stressed that they condemned the educators’ actions. 

According to the Education Ministry’s investigation into Dar al-Hahmah, the school recently held a performance, in which an IDF soldier was depicted as violent and murderous as he shoots a Palestinian Arab child. 

Children were also observed by the ministry officials singing songs of praise for and waving pictures of terrorists who carried out murderous attacks against Israelis. 

“We’re finished talking about action – we’ve moved on to action,” Bennett stressed. “Whoever thinks he can earn a salary from Israeli citizens while simultaneously encouraging their murder is dead wrong.

“Incitement to violence is not education, and whoever is is found to take a part in this will not be a part of the (educational) system.”

At a meeting of the Knesset’s Education Committee last Thursday, an Education Ministry representative said the ministry supervises Arab schools in Jerusalem to make sure they don’t use Palestinian Authority (PA) textbooks that openly incite terror.

However, the representative admitted in a crucial admission that the UNRWA schools – where a full 42% of Arab students in the capital learn – are not supervised, and are allowed to indoctrinate terror.

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