Turkish Raids Aim to Lower Israeli Threat Warning

May 1, 2012  

Israel’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau on Tuesday lowered its threat warning for Israelis travelling to Turkey.

The decision came after Ankara in recent days ordered a series of raids on groups targeting Israelis in Turkey.

The raids were reportedly possible due to Israeli cooperation with Turkish security officials “behind the scenes.”

While the raids did not eradicate the terror groups targeting Israelis in Turkey, they were deemed sufficient to remove “the immediate threat.”

The current rating of “continuous potential threat” is the lowest level of threat warning issued by the CTB.

“Turkey is still a country where there is an ongoing threat of terrorist attacks against Israelis,” the lowered warning said on Tuesday.

“Therefore, the Counter Terrorism Bureau recommends avoiding non-essential visits to Turkey,” it advised. “Or, at least taking the necessary precautions.”

Tuesday’s decision to lower the threat level for Israelis wishing to travel to Turkey comes over a year after a much more serious warning was issued.

Last March, the Turkish media reported that Turkish intelligence officials had credible warnings that Iran’s covert foreign action Quds force planned to strike at Israeli diplomats in Ankara.

The Turkish raids and lowered threat warning comes just months after a series of attacks targeting Israeli diplomats in Asia.

A botched bombing attempt in Bangkok was carried out by three Iranian nationals, while police in Delhi have arrested a man in connection to the bombing of an Israeli diplomat’s car with ties to Iran.

Police in Tsbili, Georgia disarmed a bomb attached to an Israeli embassy car as well. However, the investigation into that incident has not yielded fruit.

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