Trump: I don’t need a unified Republican party

May 8, 2016  

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump does not think it’s necessary for the Republican party to be unified behind his presumptive nomination, he told ABC News on Sunday.

“We wanna bring the party together. Does the party have to be together? Does it have to be unified? I’m very different than everybody else — perhaps that’s ever run for office. I actually don’t think so,” said Trump.

“I think it would be better if it were unified,” he added. “I think it would be– there would be something good about it. But I don’t think it actually has to be unified in the traditional sense.”

Asked how he plans to win the general election without a unified Republican behind him, Trump replied, “I think I’m gonna go out and I’m gonna get millions of people from the Democrats. I’m gonna get Bernie people to vote, because they like me on trade.”

Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee after both Ted Cruz and John Kasich suspended their campaigns last week.

So far, however, not everyone among the Republicans has been quick to back the billionaire.

Last week, House Speaker Paul Ryan said he was simply “not ready” to back Trump’s presidential bid, while another former Republican candidate, Jeb Bush, declared that he would not vote for Trump, whom he said is “not a consistent conservative”.

Trump, Ryan, and other GOP leaders are scheduled to meet this week on Capitol Hill to discuss the future of the party, CBS News reported. The meeting was announced by Ryan’s office just a day after the House speaker declared he couldn’t yet support the presumptive nominee.

Trump previewed the Washington, D.C. gathering in the same interview, saying “I’m gonna say, ‘Look, this is what the people want.”

Of Ryan’s comments, Trump said, “I just don’t understand why he didn’t– you know, most people have come out in favor. We’ve gotten tremendous endorsements over the last short period of time.”

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