Tragedy On El Al Flight From LA To TA

March 16, 2014  

A passenger tragically passed away on an El Al flight from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv last week.

Fellow passengers note the 60-year old man passed out several times while waiting in the terminal during a three hour delay for the flight, which took off from California last Thursday, reports Yedioth Aharonot.

Medical personnel who checked the man advised him not to board. However, the man insisted on flying, receiving permission following the medical check. While on board, he passed out several more times, but told concerned flight crew members that he was a doctor and that his condition was healthy.

In the air over Europe the man’s condition worsened, and despite attempts to resuscitate him he passed away on the way to Israel.

“It was when everyone was sleeping. They brought him to the flight attendants’ area, where they tried to resuscitate him, but without success,” reported one of the passengers. “It was three and a half hours before we reached Israel. He sat pretty close to me.”

It is worth noting that El Al takes a firm policy, insisting passengers only board if they are in a medical condition to do so, and occasionally preventing passengers from boarding until they are checked by a doctor of the airline.

El Al announced Saturday that the company would not discuss issues infringing on passengers’ privacy.

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