Toulouse Murderer a Neo-Nazi, May Have Filmed Murders

March 20, 2012  

The murderer who gunned down a rabbi and three Jewish children may have filmed the murders. French police suspect he is a neo-Nazi.

French Interior Minister Claude Gueant revealed that the gunman was “wearing an apparatus around his neck” that might have been used to film the brutal murders with the possibility of posting them online.

“We can imagine” the attacker recorded the killings, he said.

Police believe the murderer was one of three neo-Nazis who were ejected from the army for their racist activities. Police have gathered a team of 120 investigators to try to find the man who appears to have been the one who killed soldiers in two separate attacks the past 10 days.

One paratrooper regiment photo in 2008 shows them executing the Nazi salute in front of a swastika flag.

A female witness to one of the shootings said that the attacker appeared to have a tattoo on his face.

The similarities between the shootings of the soldiers, two of whom were killed, and the murders on Monday in Toulouse, have given the police their first solid lead, although French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the “hypothesis” has not been confirmed.

France’s Le Point declared, “This is the first real lead the police have…The profile of these men corresponds to the scant information investigators have on the Toulouse killer – that is to say, muscular and tattooed.”

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