Top units receive commendations for their classified operations

March 16, 2016  

The IDF held a ceremony at a secret base today (Wednesday) to reward two top units for their recent work.

Sayeret Matkal, the army’s premiere special forces unit, received a commendation from Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot, while the Intelligence Branch’s technological unit was given a certificate of appreciation.

Lieutenant General Eizenkot and Major General Herzi Halevi, the head of the Intelligence Branch, took part in the ceremony, along with the unit’s commanders and fighters.

The Sayeret Matkal soldiers were rewarded for their covert and daring operations over the past two years. The technological unit was recognized for its groundbreaking work that has been integrated into core operational activities over the past year.

Eizenkot gave a speech during the event, in which he said, “To me, this short meeting is an opportunity to express my very deep appreciation to all of you for everyone’s efforts, thinking, planning, implementation and contribution in their own roles. This ceremony is to acknowledge your great contribution to the IDF and the State of Israel’s security and to the contribution on the day of action, for helping the IDF triumph in the smartest, fastest, most ingenious and most effect manner.”

General Halevi added, “The unit is a special place, with special people and special actions. You, the unit’s members, who carry out the complex missions in silence and excellence, deserve much appreciation. This ceremony is an opportunity to tell you that. The awards that the unit received today are evidence and expressions of this.

Following the award ceremony, Sayeret Matkal held a ceremony as it welcomed a new commander. Colonel H. has been appointed as the unit’s new leader, replacing Colonel S.

Colonel S. served in his role for the past two years and ten months.

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