Top 10 Places to Visit in Israel

May 24, 2014  

Deciding where to go while on vacation can be a hassle, especially when visiting a country like Israel, where culture and history intersect at every corner. And while it’s essentially impossible to cover every restaurant, every cafe, every beach, we can most certainly look at the essentials.


Photo: Amit Garon
Photo: Amit Garon



10. Tel Aviv Museum of Art


Starting our list off at number 10 is the Tel Aviv Museum Of
Art. One of the leading institutions of art from around the world, this
museum features artists like Gustav Klimt, Michal Na’aman and various others.
Its collections range from focuses on modern art to the classics, and an entire
collection of Israeli art. Its architectural design alone is something to marvel



Photo: Dana Shtainberg
Photo: Dana Shtainberg



9. The Galilee and Sea of Galilee

The Galilee is a rather large region in Northern Israel brimming with
history, with the Sea of Galilee being where, in the New Testament, Jesus
Christ walks on water. Also part of the Galilee are the ancient cities of Safed
and Acre, Tiberias and the Jordan River. Like other locations on this list, it’s
simply a beautiful feast for the eyes.



Photo: Ron Peled
Photo: Ron Peled



8. Jaffa Port


Jaffa Port is one of the most famous ports in all of the world, having
been mentioned in religious texts from an array of different faiths. In 1917,
Jaffa Port was taken as part of the Mandatory Palestine, until it was released
to a newly Independent Israel. Currently, the port is still open but is more of
a tourist attraction than an international business hub. With a lighthouse,
cafes and a brilliant history, Jaffa Port is a must see for those visiting



Photo: Guy Shahar
Photo: Guy Shahar



7. Baha’i Gardens


Surrounding the shrine of Bab, the Baha’i Gardens are
a sight to see. Extending up the northern slope of Mount Carmel, the gardens
feature an array of beautiful plants and flowers that are all arranged in
complex geometric shapes. Nineteen terraces make their way up the mountain all
connected by gravel paths, trimmed hedges and decadently groomed flower beds.
While many of the terraces have their own design, love and compassion link them
all together.



Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock



6. The Dead Sea


Who hasn’t heard of the Dead Sea? With its
surfaces being 1833 ft below sea level it’s the world’s lowest elevation on
land, deepest hypersaline sea (over 1200 feet deep) and has the world’s highest
salt concentration, it’s no wonder everyone wants to see it. The insane salt
concentration also means that people can float easily in the water, but that it
makes for too harsh of an environment for animals to survive in, hence the name.
The Dead Sea is also historically important, and it was a main source of
mummification supplies for the ancient Egyptians.



Photo: EPA
Photo: EPA



5. Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock


Construction of this beautiful temple began in 20 B.C. and has since been a
temple to serve as a place of worship for three religions since being built.
Currently under Muslim control, Temple Mount is
considered a holy place by all. Erected near the Western Wall and home to Dome
of the Rock, a temple built in what’s believed to be the place of the Islamic
miracle Isra and Miraj. While there is a history of debate and conflict over who
should control Temple Mount, it’s a beautiful and sacred place to visit. Not to
mention the Dome of the Rock’s golden roof is certainly a sight to be seen.


4. Frishman Beach


A stunning city beach, Frishman Beach
finds itself a hotspot for tourists and locals alike. With clean water, it’s own
private eateries, DJs, volleyball, and the fact that it’s located closest to the
city, you need to get there early if you want to get a spot. Known for being one
of the trendiest, and up and coming places, Frishman Beach was voted one of the
top 10 urban beaches in the world.



Photo: Boaz Fyler
Photo: Boaz Fyler



3. Yad Vashem


The official memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, Yad
Vashem was created with the objectives of educating others of the atrocities
of the Holocaust, so that they never be repeated again, with a particular
emphasis on researching, documenting, and commemorating those who risked their
lives to save others. With those declared Righteous Among the Nations, Yad
Vashem honors the men and women who acted courageously during the Holocaust.
It’s a somber experience, yes, but a necessary and educational one, and the
second most visited tourist site in Israel.






2. Masada


This ancient fortress sits in the rocky mountains in the Southern district of
Israel and is a revered symbol of Jewish independence in the wake of the Roman
invasion centuries ago. While time has destroyed some of the Masada Desert
Fortress, remnants of ancient bathhouses, storehouse complexes, and the
stronghold where the Jewish people defended themselves against the Romans can
still be seen. The ancient architecture of the fortress, the history behind the
building, and the harrowing tale of the people who lived there makes the Masada
Desert Fortress a location to visit.



Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP



1. The Western Wall


Considered to be the holiest place in the world, it’s no wonder that the Western
Wall makes the top spot on this list. Located by the Temple Mount, this wall
has been a source for Jewish prayer, and pilgrimage, for years.

People to this day pray at the wall and, at times, there can be tens of
thousands of people in prayer at a time. The wall also features incredible
architecture, with arches inside a passageway standing 25 feet high (although it
used to be even higher when the tunnel was deeper). The individual stone pieces
that make up the wall are staggering in size, with some of them over 500 tons
and 40 feet long. An incredible structure with a fascinating history, make sure
to visit the Kotel during your next trip to the Holy Land.

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