Three separate terror cells uncovered in Arab village

June 28, 2016  

Three separate terrorist cells were broken up recently by security forces in the Palestinian village of Beit Fajjar, near Gush Etzion in Judea, it has been cleared for publication.

19 terrorist cell members – several of whom were younger than 18 years old – have already been indicted on terror charges.

The wave of arrests came after a massive increase in terrorist activity in the are in recent months, including shooting attacks and firebombings, many of which targeted the Jewish kibbutz of Migdal Oz, which is located next to Beit Fajjar.

Homemade guns – which have been used in many recent terror attacks, including the deadly shooting spree in Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market – were fired into Migdal Oz itself from the Arab village. At times, the terrorists approached the kibbutz by car, hurled firebombs at homes and then drove back into Beit Fajjar before security forces could respond.

Security services formed a special investigations unit to crack the terror cell responsible, and using numerous intelligence methods investigators were able to identify several key suspects.

As mentioned, a total of three separate terrorist cells were uncovered and broken up as a result, including the terrorists who approached Migdal Oz by car, a separate firebombing cell, and another cell responsible for a number of shooting attacks.

Indictments were recently served against all 19 terrorists at an IDF military court.

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