Three Haredim arrested for campaign against IDF enlistment

January 13, 2016  

Three haredi men were arrested on Wednesday on the suspicion that they conducted a campaign to convince other haredi men to not enlist in the IDF. The suspects reside in Bnei Brak and Beitar Illit respectively.

According to the accusation, the three suspects publicized the identities and personal information of haredim who were planning to enlist, calling them derogatory names and infringing upon their privacy. It is also believed that the three suspects campaigned against the organizations that were responsible for helping the haredi men enlist.

As is prominently done in haredi culture, the suspects published the information and statements via street placards. They also publicized the information via email lists. The suspects also created a telephone hotline which they termed “The line of Defense” which people were able to call in to and receive the information regarding the enlisting men. Last night during a raid, police garnered evidence and seized documents and computers that link the suspects to these crimes.  

Local Jerusalem court extended their detention for an extra five days and placed a publicity ban on the names of the accused. Following their arrest, tens of haredi extremists protested outside the Jerusalem court on Wednesday morning, blocking the street that lead to the court.

Five haredi men were arrested for disturbing the peace and attacking an officer during the protest.

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