Threats and Intimidation Emerge on the Frontlines of the BDS War

June 28, 2015  

“BDS claims that they’re fighting Israeli manufacturers in the occupied territories, but the reality is that they are fighting every Israeli manufacturer, and they’re aiming the entire Israeli economy,” says CEO Arik Barel.

The BDS movement declared economic war on the entire Jewish nation and it’s not just peaceful protesting. Working as a wholesaler for Israeli goods in Europe for decades, Barel has seen the winds of change turn ugly.

Some European retailers have suddenly withdrawn their orders from the store. There has been no official explanation for this, Barel reports that, “Between the lines, we understood that the retailers were being threatened and intimidated by BDS supporters.”

Boycotting Israel isn’t merely a suggestion, says a storekeeper who spoke with Barel, “I want to carry Israeli goods, but I’m afraid they’ll burn down my store.”

And while it’s understandable that a shopkeeper would give in to threats and intimidation, it still doesn’t negate the economic damage to Israeli businesses and the cultural damage to Jewish communities. And like with so many other challenges in the Jewish state, technology can help win the war. Barel says,

“The best way to fight BDS is to buy online. It’s possible to stop shop owners from carrying Israeli products, but BDS can’t stop the postal service from bringing Israeli goods to the doorstep of consumers around the world.”

And for some consumers who want to buy Israeli, online shopping is the only way for them to get the Israeli products they want. offers over 12,000 unique products from over one hundred different vendors

“We don’t just sell ‘stuff’,” says CEO Barel, “we enable people in Israel to earn an honest living – something that BDS is trying to prevent.”

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