Thousands Taking Part in Jerusalem Day Celebrations

May 18, 2015  

Thousands of people, mostly Jewish youths, are taking part in the annual Flag Dance (“Rikudegalim”) parade marking Jerusalem Day – the Hebrew calendar date on which Jerusalem was liberated by the Israel Defense Forces, 48 years ago.

The march left city center and passed through Shechem Gate (Damascus Gate), Tzahal Square and the Old City, to the Western Wall, or Kotel.

The rally at the Kotel was to be addressed by Rabbi Haim Druckman and Ministers Naftali Bennett and Uri Ariel, among others.

The organizers of the parade called on the tens of thousands of people expected to take part in it not to provoke the Arabs of the Old City. High Court judges approved the parade’s path, which passes through the Old City, but stipulated that whoever calls out “racist” slogans during the march will be arrested and charged.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed a packed audience at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva, in honor of Jerusalem Day.

Arabs rioted at Shechem Gate earlier Sunday afternoon, hurling rocks and bottles and lightly injuring two policemen. Two rioters were arrested.




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