Thousands Enter Israel Illegally in January

February 1, 2012  

Thousands of infiltrators continued to sneak into the Jewish State through the south illegally last month, according to the Population, Immigration and Border Authority.

According to statistics released Wednesday by the government, 2,295 infiltrators crossed the southern border with Egypt.

Among them were 1,805 men, 429 women and 61 children.

Even more made the same journey during the month of December. Of the 2,931 infiltrators who crossed the southern border in the final month of 2011 — a record number — most were from Sudan. 

Residents in southern towns and cities have seen their populations swell with thousands of Sudanese and Eritrean infiltrators over the past year.

On the last day of January, the Authority warned illegal aliens who came from South Sudan to return to their country voluntarily by the end of March 2012, or face deportation.

Those who comply with the “request” and leave of their own volition are being told they will receive an escort and a grant of 1,000 euros to help them get a new start upon their return.

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