The United Nations Bias Against Israel

March 28, 2012  

While the United Nations played a crucial role in the creation of Israel, U.N. history has been marked by persistent antagonism toward the Jewish state. The United Nations has passed more resolutions aimed at isolating Israel than resolutions condemning genocide, warfare, and human rights violations throughout the world.

1. A double standard for Israel.
The United Nations has consistently employed a double standard in its treatment of Israel, directing false allegations against the country while ignoring acts of genocide and other massive human rights violations committed by other countries.

2. Questioning Israel’s legitimacy.The Palestinians, Arab states and their supporters have consistently used the world forum to question Israel’s legitimacy and to isolate it politically. This spans from the 1975 “Zionism is Racism” resolution to the more recent conferences on racism that have devolved into focused attacks on the Jewish state.

3. Singling out Israel on human rights.
While Israel has slowly made progress in fighting its isolation at the United Nations, the U.N. Human Rights Council continues its relentless focus on condemning Israel, which remains the only permanent agenda item on the Council’s agenda.

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