The Truth About the UN in Regards to Israel

February 20, 2014  

Ambassador Danny Ayalon spreads the truth about the UN. Hypocrisy and cynicism have taken over the United Nations, the delegitimization perpetrators and Israel boycotters take advantage of the UN’s image as an advocate of human rights in order to pass anti-Israeli resolutions which attempt to isolate Israel. It is important to spread the truth that the UN has been transformed into a political arena by undemocratic states who trample on human rights, and UN resolutions must be treated accordingly”.

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  1. By davidesco8, May 16, 2014

    This video gave a good point of view on how the United Nations has transformed into a political arena influenced by undemocratic countries. The United Nations is no longer focused on what is most important which is human rights, equal rights of men and women and of nations. It is important to focus on the real issues we have and not on things that don’t help human rights and equality for men and women.


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