The Great Palestinian Lie

October 6, 2011  

Pat Condell explains that it’s not about Israel. It’s about how Arabs feel about Jews.

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RonnyRJG March 5, 2012
| |

Absolutely well said! Here is a man of courage and one of the very few that speak out against the liberal media’s lies and anti-Semite propaganda.
Philistines-Palestinians,different spelling but the same old ancient hatred
for Israel.Compared to Her neighbors,Israel is tiny.But I seem to remember a giant that flapped his mouth and a young man named David who carried a slingshot.I also recall Samson and his effect on Israels enemies.
Suffice it to say,Israel always had,now does,and always will have SOMEONE above looking out for Her.There is a(THE ONLY)God in Israel and the world will know it soon enough.Leave God’s people in peace or you will find yourselves at war with Him!

maccabette October 21, 2011
| |

Wow. I’m astonished. A Jew couldn’t even have said it better.

rb October 7, 2011
| |

what a refreshing and simple analysis ,I wish the Arab media and the liberal anti semites would listen to Pats words,then there would be some honesty about Israel

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