Terrorist with Grenade Apprehended Near Gaza

June 22, 2014  

A terrorist was caught carrying a grenade near the Gaza border early Sunday morning, the IDF announced, between the Jewish communities of Yated and Sde Avraham. 

The terrorist, who presumably crossed over through the Gaza security fence, is now under interrogation. 

The Eshkol Regional Council lashed out at the Home Front Command (HFC) over the incident, which has cut back on its patrols in the region due to budget cuts.

“This most serious incident highlights the necessity of patrols around communities 24 hours per day, due to the irresponsible decision of the HFC to cut patrol jobs and withdraw combat units surrounding Gaza,” the Council stated Sunday morning. 

The Gaza security fence has been a hot spot for clashes between terrorists and the IDF over the past several months, with rock-throwing attacks and riots becoming a common occurrence. 

Explosives, too, are a common terrorist weapon, with several incidents being recorded since late January. 

Much focus has been placed on the IDF’s role in the upswing in violence near the Gaza security fence, with critics firing that the IDF’s withdrawing troops from communities near the border and poor maintenance may partially be responsible for the attacks.

Walla! News investigation revealed in late December, for example, that the IDF tarried in fixing holes in the fence caused by last winter’s record-breaking snowstorm – leaving soldiers and civilians alike at risk. 

“Whenever there’s a hole in the security fence, the guards for that section are overwhelmed,” one Golani soldier stated at the time. “The hole has to be guarded 24 hours per day” to make sure terrorists or infiltrators don’t make their way into Israel, according to the soldier.

One armored corps soldier added, “the holes [in the fence] are secured, with observation set up at all time. However, even a child can tell you that a security breach like that is an invitation for a thief.” 

“More and more Palestinians have been reaching the security fence,” and trying to break through, the soldier indicated. “The holes need to be closed quickly before they gain access to the Israeli villages [on the other side].” 

The attack also surfaces as rockets from Gaza have been regularly pouring in since the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers last week.

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