Terrorist sold machine gun, buyer attacked the next day

May 9, 2016  

The Jerusalem district prosecutor has submitted an indictment to the district court against Hussam Ashav, a 19-year-old Arab terrorist from Kalandia in northern Jerusalem which lies partially within the city limits.

Ashav was indicted for buying and selling weapons and ammunition of different varieties, as well as mediating weapons deals and additional crimes.

In at least one incident, the weapon that he sold to a terrorist was used by the buyer in conducting a shooting attack within sovereign Israeli territory.

The indictment reveals that the accused sold a Karl Gustav automatic weapon in March to another Palestinian named Abd Haroub.

A day after the sale, Haroub used the weapon to open fire on an Egged bus at Ramot Junction in northwestern Jerusalem, before trying to run over a Border Police officer in a crosswalk near the Shimon Hatzadik light rail station located north of the Old City.

He was only neutralized later at the Old City’s Damascus Gate together with an additional terrorist who aided in the attack, after seriously wounding a victim who turned out to be Arab.

Ashav not only sold weapons but also took part in terror attacks himself according to the indictment.

Around half a year ago he opened fire on security forces who arrived in Kalandia to demolish the house of a terrorist. A week later, he shot at a military post manned by combat soldiers, located on the edges of Kalandia.

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