Terrorist Fears Revenge in Gaza, Chooses Deportation



Terrorist Amana Jawad Mona, described as an “Al Capone” who ruled over fellow inmates, chooses deportation out of fear of revenge in Gaza.

She tempted an Israeli youth over the Internet to meet her, and the victim, was Ofir Rahum, was subsequently shot and killed.

After her conviction and imprisonment, supposedly for life, she turned into the master of other terrorist inmates, who were physically abused by her if they refused her orders.

Israel agreed that she return to Gaza instead of being deported, but realizing a nasty fate awaits her there, she chose to remain in Egypt Tuesday morning.

Another woman terrorist, Sbarro suicide bomber and journalist Ahlam Tamimi, is not being given a choice. Israel insisted she be deported to Jordan instead of returning to Gaza.

She exploited her journalist’s credentials to help her become the first female Hamas terrorist, starting out with a placing a bomb in a supermarket and later driving the suicide bomber who blew up the Sbarro restaurant in downtown Jerusalem.

She previously has said that she chose the Sbarro site because “radical Jews” frequented it.


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