Terrorist Attack in Bangkok, Iranians Involved

February 14, 2012  

Two terrorist explosions rocked Bangkok Tuesday and several Iranians were involved and one was wounded. The blast was not near the Israeli embassy.

No fatalities were reported in the explosions near a school in the capital, where the government has been worried over Muslim rebels who previously have targeted civilians in the southern part of the country.

Thai media reported that an identification card of a wounded man who was seen carrying explosives revealed he was of Irnaian descent. India Television said the terrorist was identified as Saeib Morab, who threw a bomb at a cab after its driver refused to allow him to ride.

He was wounded when he hurled a bomb at police who tried to arrest him.A photo sent through Twitter showed the man lying on a sidewalk and that the blast ripped off one leg and caused severe injuries to the other.

A previous explosion ripped through a nearby house, and at least three Iranians were seen fleeing. One of them was injured. Morabi was living in the building in central Bangkok, a government spokeswoman said, and the Iranians apparently were in a terrorist cell with Morabi.

“The police have control of the situation. It is thought that the suspect might be storing more explosives inside his house,” spokeswoman Chaisaeng Thitima said.

Last month, Thai police caught a suspected Hizbullah terrorist who was allegedly trying to smuggle material for explosives out of the country to an unknown destination. The arrest came shortly after Israel and American intelligence officials warned Thailand of an imminent terrorist threat.

Tuesday’s blast followed by one day the bombing of the car of an Israeli diplomat in New Delhi, whose wife was seriously wounded after a passing motorcyclist attached a magnetic bomb to her vehicle. Indian intelligence officials suspect the attacker was an Iranian or was working for Iran.

Iran not only denied the allegation but also accused Israel of attacking its own embassy officials as part of a propaganda campaign against the Islamic Republic.

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