Terrorist arrested en route to coastal bombing

November 3, 2015  

An Arab terrorist was arrested on Tuesday morning at the Gilboa Crossing in Samaria, located near Jenin.

The terrorist had a pipe bomb and a knife on his possession and was clearly on his way to conduct a terror attack, likely in the urban coastal region where the crossing leads to and where two attacks took place on Monday.

Security forces stationed at the crossing identified the terrorist as he approached the checkpoint in a suspicious manner and proceeded to arrest him, firing in the air to get him to stop and surrender.

Upon investigation, he was found to be carrying a knife and pipe bomb, and admitted to planning a terror attack.

Wave of attacks

In the first attack in Rishon Letzion on Monday, three Israelis were wounded by a knife-wielding terrorist.

An 80-year-old woman was among the victims, and was stabbed multiple times in the upper body, leaving her moderately-to-seriously wounded. A man in his forties was stabbed and left in serious condition, and a 20-year-old man suffered light wounds to his limbs.

Shortly afterwards another stabbing attack in the coastal region took place in Netanya, where a 71-year-old man was seriously wounded.

Gilboa Crossing itself has also seen attacks; just this Saturday an Arab terrorist tried to stab a security officer at the checkpoint.

An investigation of the incident showed the terrorist apparently hid near the taxi stand located adjacent to the entrance to the security check area for goods being shipped to and from sovereign Israeli territory. A security guard who was checking the crossing before opening it caught sight of the terrorist running towards him with a drawn knife.

The guard called to the terrorist to stop several times, and then shot and neutralized him.

Large security forces, including medical teams, were called to the scene, although the terrorist did not succeed in inflicting any wounds. The IDF responded by closing the crossing temporarily.

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