Terrorist Admits Tel Aviv Attack

March 4, 2012  

A 21-year-old man from the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Kalkilya has admitted to carrying out a terrorist attack in which several people were wounded. The man, Mohammed Sufan, ran over police officers and a civilian with a stolen car, then stabbed bystanders.

The attack, outside the Haoman 17 club in southern Tel Aviv, left eight people wounded, one in very serious condition and two others in serious condition.

Sufan was convicted of attempted murder, assault with intent to do serious harm, theft, and conspiracy to commit a crime.

Sufan shouted “Allah Hu’akbar” (Allah is great) as he attacked. Despite that fact, he initially denied that the assault was a terrorist attack. However, he now has admitted to all charges against him, including accusations that he was motivated to attack Israelis out of desire to be a “martyr.”

A second man, Mohammed Biari, 21, was convicted of doing nothing to prevent the attack despite being aware of Sufan’s intentions. Biari, an Israeli citizen, met Sufan while the latter was staying illegally in the Israeli city of Yafo. The two had discussed Sufan’s planned attack, and Biari used his phone to film a message from Sufan to his parents that was intended for use if Sufan were killed during the attack.

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