Terror victim’s family confront terrorist at court

February 1, 2016  

The Jerusalem District Court is holding Monday morning the trial of terrorist Khaled Kutina who ran over and killed the Shalom Sherki and seriously injuring another young woman.

About 150 family members and friends showed up, answering the call of Sherki’s siblings and parents to attend the hearing and protest against the terrorist’s attempt to evade his punishment via a plea bargain.

This terrorist’s supporters are expected to introduce a private psychiatric evaluation that Kutina is mentally ill and was not responsible for his actions at the time of the murder.

Esther Sultan, Shalom Sherki’s cousin, told Arutz Sheva, “We came here to tell to the court that what interests the public whether justice will be done.”

“The public is interested if the killer of our cousin, Shalom, will get the punishment he deserves, or that it will melt away in trial after trial, excuse after excuse. Each of us has a duty to say that we are not willing for our blood to be spilled for nothing. We will not remain silent, we will not accept what is happening here,” said Sultan.

Sultan explained that beyond displaying that the public is interested in this case, the demand for justice to be served in the legal system is prominent as well, so that terrorist will stop thinking that they can come up with excuses, such as emotional or mental instability,  to evade punishment and incite the next murderers.

Sultan also expressed that the government is failing to protect its citizens: “Part of my goal here today is that our government is supposed to aide us. The government that we elected is not fulfilling its duties and is not protecting us. That should be the top priority of any government, right or left”.

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