Terror Victim Fought Off Terrorist With Tefillin Bag

February 23, 2015  

Avraham Goldschmidt, who suffered moderate wounds Sunday when he was stabbed by a terrorist at Tzahal Square in Jerusalem, told Arutz Sheva Monday that he feels good and is about to be released from hospital. “Thank God, there were no internal injuries and miraculously, there was only a deep cut,” he said.

Speaking from his hospital bed, Goldschmidt added that he has seen the videos of the attack and that “it gives you the feeling that someone is running everything from above and directing things.”

“I had been studying at the old Ramban Synagogue, and I went to my parents’ house in the Jewish Quarter, I prepared to attend a wedding,” he recounted. “I wore Sabbath clothes and came out of the Quarter, and headed toward the exit from the city. I stood at the traffic light in Tzahal Square.

“Suddenly I felt someone pushing me – something – into my body. I still didn’t understand that this was a terror attack. I looked and saw the terrorist standing one meter from me with a knife and getting ready to stab me again. I shouted out that this was a stabbing and people ran away. I hit him with my tefillin bag. He stepped back, I hit him again. I went into the road and maintained eye contact with him. I shouted out that if anyone has a weapon, they should neutralize him.

“With great help of God, mayor Nir Barkat was there with his bodyguard. They were very cool and collected. They understood that this was a terrorist. The bodyguard pointed his gun at the terrorist and he dropped his knife. Then the guard and Barkat tackled him.”

CCTV video shows Jerusalem Mayor tackling terrorist:

Goldschmidt told of the surreal moment when he realized it was in fact the Jerusalem mayor who saved him.

“Suddenly I realized that I had been wounded. I was bleeding from the stomach. I shouted out that I was wounded. Suddenly I see the mayor in front of me. I said to him – ‘Nir Barkat?’ He said yes.

“He was very kind, he helped me sit down and covered me with his coat because he thought I might be cold. Together with his bodyguard, Assaf, they were emissaries of mercy, with God’s help. I felt that a miracle was done to me by the merit of the mitzvahs that I did by studying Torah and praying and putting on tefillin that day.”

Watch: Moments after Jerusalem stabber apprehended

“I thank God that He me the strength to fight off the terrorist, and the presence of mind to warn people to run away,” he added. “I am not afraid and I will return to the Jewish Quarter again and again. I grew up there and we see rock throwing attacks there every day. The Kotel is the holiest place for the Nation of Israel and the paths leading there should always be teeming.”

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