Terror Infrastructures Uncovered in Sinai

April 5, 2012  

Nearly a dozen terrorist infrastructures have been uncovered in the Sinai Peninsula by intelligence personnel recently.

IDF Military Intelligence chief General Aviv Cochavi told the graduation class of intelligence officers on Thursday that risks across the region are growing.

“The Middle East is changing its face and character beyond recognition,” Cochavi said. “It could be that the winds of change are carrying opportunities and good news, but in the short and intermediate term, the risks are growing.”

One of them, he added, is the Sinai region — an area that traditionally draws a strong tourist crowd from Israel but is also rife with terrorists.

The recent rocket fire on the southern Red Sea resort city of Eilat “is merely an expression of the substantial change going on throughout the region,” Cochavi said.

“More than 10 terrorist infrastructures have been uncovered and foiled in the last two months, while terror organizations continue to establish and strengthen themselves.

“The task incumbent upon us all becomes more complicated by the day,” he added. “The reality is changing far more rapidly than in the years and decades past… it has become far more complex and multi-dimensional, demanding from you sophisticated analysis combined with novel and innovative, deep reflection.

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