Terror Alert in Beit Shemesh area

January 10, 2016  

As of Sunday morning, security and police forces in and around the Beit Shemesh area have been placed on high alert. The reason given is that intelligence services have issued a warning that a terrorist is planning to carry out an attack in the Beit Shemesh area.

Shlomi Toledano, Commander of the Beit Shemesh Police Station, confirmed that there was a warning issued for the area, and that police forces are taking preventative measures. “There is a warning in our region, we have taken all the necessary precautions but we ask citizens to be aware,” he said.  

Concerned citizens who have called the city, have been encouraged to carry on with their daily activities, and to raise their own level of awareness to those around them, and to immediately report and suspicious activity to the police.

The city council spokesperson’s office said “In response to concerned residents, there is a general terror alert for the area of Beit Shemesh, and we are taking the necessary precautions, including increasing security presence.”

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