Temple Mount security camera project moving forward

November 15, 2015  

A project to install security cameras on the Temple Mount is progressing, despite Palestinian Arab threats to undermine it.

According to the agreement between Israel and Jordan, which was brokered last month by Secretary of State John Kerry, 24-hour security cameras covering all the site in the compound, which is sacred to both Jews and Muslims, will be installed.

A team of Jordanian experts is currently in Jerusalem and have completed the first phase of the project, which includes an examination of the premises. In the coming days, the team will determine the best places to install cameras so that they cover the majority of the area.

The footage of the goings on at the Temple Mount will be streamed live to the world via the Internet, as a Jordanian official recently indicated.

The project is moving ahead despite threats last week by a senior Palestinian Arab religious cleric, who declared that Muslims will break any camera is placed on the compound.

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