Tel Aviv’s Fashion Scene is on the Rise

December 20, 2012  

Israel has a fashion look all of its own. Photo of Tel Aviv Fashion Week by Flash90.

Buyers from all over the world check out the cutting-edge creations of Israel’s young talented fashion designers.

There’s a lot of buzz from the Tel Aviv fashion scene these days, especially with the reemergence of the annual Tel Aviv Fashion Week as an international event in the past three years.

“We have our own ‘handwriting,’ so it doesn’t look like anyone else,” says costume designer Yuval Caspin. “It’s not like the French look or the Italian look or the American look. We have our own look.”

Adds fashion executive Ofir Lev, “Design in Tel Aviv is a statement. The main goal is to show the world something else about Israel – not only conflict and camels. We have a normal life, creative people, beautiful beach, great food and much more.”

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