Tel Aviv 2nd Best Startup Friendly City in the World

December 3, 2012  

Tel Aviv, the world’s first Hebrew city, was recently rated second on a list of cities that support startup companies. The list, composed by the Genome Startup group which provides an online page for the collection of data about startup companies in cities throughout the world, currently includes 50,000 startup companies worldwide.

Tel Aviv came in number two on the list just behind California’s Silicon Valley but ahead of Los Angeles (3), Seattle (4), New York (5), Boston (6) and London (7). The last entry on the list is held by Santiago, Chile (20).

Additional information in the report describes Tel Aviv-based startup entrepreneurs as being on average 36.16 years old (as opposed to 34.12 in Silicon Valley) and mostly men (91 percent, as opposed to 90% in Silicon Valley). Serial entrepreneurs make up 47% of Tel Aviv’s entrepreneurs (56% in Silicon Valley) and the percentage of Tel Aviv startup businesspeople who do not have a technical background is 11% (16% in Silicon Valley).

According to the IVC Research Center, which boasts the most comprehensive online database for Israel’s high-tech industry, there are more than 1,000 high-tech companies in Tel Aviv employing more than 30,000 workers.

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