Teenage terrorist convicted for Jerusalem stabbing rampage

May 10, 2016  

The 13-year old terrorist accused of two counts of attempted murder for his involvement in a pair of brutal stabbing attacks last October was convicted Tuesday morning by a Jerusalem court.

The Jerusalem district court found the terrorist guilty of two counts of attempted murder as well as possession of a deadly weapon.

In handing down the ruling, the court rejected the line of defense offered by attorneys of the accused, who claimed that he was not personally involved in the stabbings, and that he was simply trying to “scare Jews”.

The state prosecutor, Yuval Kedar, responded to Tuesday’s decision, saying “today, on the eve of IDF Remembrance Day, the district court ruled that the minor [terrorist] carried out two attempts at murder.”

“The fact that the accused is a minor is irrelevant when he carries out acts like this in the midst of the ongoing terror wave, which has claimed so many victims, and in many cases the attacks are carried out by minors. We want to prosecute him to the full letter of the law and ensure that he is punished severely.”

The indictment against him noted that in October the accused met with his cousin, who lived near the accused in eastern Jerusalem. The two reportedly discussed “the situation” regarding the Al Aqsa Mosque, on the situation in the Gaza Strip, and about the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

The pair then went home to arm themselves with knives before heading out towards the neighborhood of Pisgat Ze’ev. There they spotted 20-year old Yosef Twito, who was stabbed twice in the first attack by the two terrorists.

“After the young man [Twito] fled, the two [terrorists] spotted a 12-year old boy who was sitting on his bicycle,” the indictment read.

The two approached the boy, stabbing him four times. Passersby rushed to intervene, and the two terrorists fled. The accused was neutralized after being hit by a car, while his cousin was shot and killed by Israeli police after attempting to stab an officer.

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