Teaching IDF Combat Soldiers How to Handle Weapons

The IDF’s Weapons Instructing School

“There’s no one that knows the specifics of a weapon better than its instructor,” said Sergeant Ronny, a commander in the IDF’s Weapons Instructing School. The IDF takes weapons seriously and even has a school designated to teach soldiers how to be weapons instructors in infantry brigades.

What it’s like to be a weapons instructor

“I teach the combat soldiers everything they need to know, including how to use an armored vehicle, missiles, and mortar shells. I think that at the end of the day, it’s one of the most significant jobs in the IDF. Every job has its role within the army, but this one really influences combat soldiers.”

It’s not a position that just anyone can do

Sgt. Ronny was an instructor for the Gill Missile, and is now a commander in the school. She truly understands the responsibility that comes with learning about, teaching, and using weapons. “If there’s a war, my soldiers will enter the battlefield with what I taught them.”

Commanders in the Weapons Instructing School also have the ability to improve the school’s teaching materials. “Because we work with combat soldiers all the time and practice with them in the field, we know what’s good, what isn’t, and which changes are necessary in a military exercise.”


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