Teacher’s Union to strike until 10 a.m. Wednesday

January 27, 2016  

Channel 10 news reports that the Teachers Federation is set to strike Wednesday morning in middle schools as well as high schools across the country, due to government promises being left unfulfilled by the Education Ministry. 

Among the issues that are under protest is the incommensurate pay that teachers receive.

Sources in the teachers federation told the news site that the “strike was decided upon due to the failure to implement the reforms set forth by Education Minister Naftali Bennett and the previous minister Shai Piron. The strike will only affect schools in which members of the teachers federation teach.”

The Education Ministry is outraged over the decision to strike.

The Ministry claims that the strike is a disruption of agreements that were mutually agreed upon and that call upon teachers to work this morning. The Ministry said that “teachers who do not work today will not be paid.”

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