Syrian Turmoil Convenient for the U.S., Says Expert

September 10, 2012  

The turmoil in Syria is convenient for the United States, according to Prof. Zaki Shalom, a specialist on policy, security and international relations.

Prof. Shalom spoke to Arutz Sheva on Monday, and tried to explain why the Americans are remaining relatively silent as President Bashar Al-Assad continues to slaughter his own people.

He said that behind every U.S. move there are varied and complex interests, and that the Syrian issue is no different. He noted the upcoming election and said the White House prefers to keep any international conflicts to a minimum.

“They want to avoid embarrassment which would endanger the President’s position, a position that is not very good as it is,” said Prof. Shalom, adding that this is also the reason why the Americans are silent on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program.

“Americans do not shed a tear over the fact that Syria is being weakened,” he added, saying that he believes that the Americans, unlike some of the Israelis, do not believe that the rebels are necessarily the ‘good guys’ in the Syrian turmoil.

“The Americans know the truth that both sides are slaughtering one another and that their intervening will result in their being tarnished,” said Prof. Shalom. He added, however, the Americans are maintaining low-level contacts with Syrian officials. American officers are located near the Syrian borders and intelligence ties continue between U.S. representatives and Syrian elements, he said.

Another fact that makes the Americans satisfied with the events in Syria is the close relationship between Russia and China and Syria, said Prof. Shalom. The headache caused to both these powers because of the events in Syria is, at the end of the day, convenient for the Americans, he said.

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