Survivor ‘Befriended’ Paris Kosher Market Terrorist

January 11, 2015  

Eli Vaknin, a survivor of the terror attack at the kosher supermarket in Paris, spoke with IDF Radio Sunday morning about his ordeal.

Vaknin was doing his Shabbat shopping when he saw a car stop and a man get out with two Kalashnikov rifles. “He was very muscular, with two guns, a commando knife and a bulletproof vest. He got out of a car driven by a woman, entered the supermarket and shot four men, first of all.”

After murdering the four men, the terrorist began to check that all entrances were blocked.

“He started to give us a speech on how he would kill all of the Jews, Christians and unbelievers, and said he was from ISIS. I let him scream like a dog as I calmed everyone down,” Vaknin related.

“I told him I was from Morocco and he asked me if I was a Muslim. I told him that I was a Mussawi – the son of Moses and Amram, and he thought that this was a faction within Islam.”

“At a certain point we became friends. He asked in Arabic where there was an internet connection. Then he connected and relayed his demands to the TV station. Meanwhile, I began relaying messages through my mobile phone, and the police told me to leave it open so they could hear what was going on inside.”

“Everyone is thinking about making aliyah to Israel,” Vaknin said, “but there are no conditions. To go to Israel – but where? We have no houses, nothing. What work will they give us? I am 70 years old, a pensioner. Where will I live? I have no family.”

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