Suicide Bombing at Funeral: Death Toll at 29

August 8, 2013  

A suicide bomber has killed 29 mourners at a funeral in Quetta, Pakistan.

Victims of the attack were attending the funeral of a local police officer who was gunned down earlier in the morning according to a Reuters reporter who was present.

Provincial Chief Secretary Police Babar Yaqoob Fateh Mohammad confirmed at least 29 dead and 62 wounded. Among the dead was Fayyaz Sumbal, the deputy inspector general of operations, as well as five senior police officers and many children.

The funeral in the city of Quetta was televised as a suicide bomber donning explosives and shrapnel blew himself up outside of the mosque targeting the mourners as they were praying for their lost colleague.

At the scene of the attack, bewildered policemen searched among the rubble and bloody body parts for fallen men.  A Reuters reporter at the funeral described chaos with bloodstained officers being carried away and put into ambulances.

Pakistan has seen a wave of violence since Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif came to power in May. Quetta is known to be one of the more secured and heavily militarized cities, although this and other attacks comes to question the city’s lack of defensive strategies. Quetta is also home to fighter groups including the Taliban, although authorities have not yet determined who was responsible for the suicide bombing.

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