Student Government Passes First Anti-BDS Resolution

June 11, 2014  

WWU Student Alysa Kipersztok, a StandWithUs Emerson Fellow, brought the anti-BDS resolution to the ASWWU.

“I’ve seen how divisive anti-Israel BDS campaigns have been on campuses across the country,” she stated. “Western is a warm, respectful, inclusive community. Our mission statement states that WWU ‘brings together individuals of diverse backgrounds and perspectives in an inclusive, student-centered university.”

Kipersztok also dismissed BDS’s claims that the boycotts against Israel help promote peace.

“BDS has been a source of disconnect and resentment among students, creating a hostile environment,” she said. “It divides students, marginalizing those who support Israel. I want to thank our ASWWU for unconditionally supporting this process and for working closely with me to represent the desires of students to keep our campus safe.”

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