Strategic Planning Between the United States and Israel

February 8, 2012  

Strategic planning meetings between American and Israeli defense officials occur countless times each year. From sharing advanced technology to developing new counterterrorism techniques, these meetings not only bring the two allies closer together, but strengthen the defense capabilities of both nations.

High-Level Meetings

Military cooperation between the United States and Israel was formalized in 1983. Since then, both countries have created a number of high level cooperative groups which meet regularly to discuss shared threats and develop joint solutions. These groups include the Joint Political Military Group, the Defense Policy Advisory Group and the Strategic Dialogue Group. In June 2010, the Defense Policy Advisory Group met in Tel Aviv where both countries discussed mutual threats including Iran and terrorism.

Intelligence Sharing

One of the most significant contributions Israel has made to U.S. security has been sharing intelligence—an intense and daily element of cooperation which, for the most part, is conducted far from the public eye. The U.S. military and various intelligence agencies rely on Israel for human intelligence—including information about terrorism, radical Islamic movements and weapons proliferation.

Military Exchanges

Each year, units from every branch of the U.S. military visit Israel for in-depth training. From educating soldiers about understanding the terrorist mindset to utilizing Israeli air ranges, Israeli training provides an invaluable opportunity for American forces.

From America’s West Point to Israel’s National Defense College, hundreds of soldiers attend each country’s professional military training institutions each year where they receive advanced training in a variety of specialized areas.

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