Statistics Reveal Leading Causes of Death in Israel

November 20, 2013  

More Israelis die from cancer than from other causes, data from the Central Statistics Bureau reveals, with heart disease as a close second. 

Maariv reports that the data, released Wednesday, analyzes over 40,000 deaths in Israel throughout 2011 – over 0.5% of the population at the time. 49.3% of the deaths that year were men, and 50.7% were women. 

Almost 1/4 of deaths recorded that year were from cancers, which killed 10,288 people alone. 6558 people died of heart disease, which ranked a close second, and an additional 2442 died of stroke or cerebral hemorrhage. Respiratory diseases came in fourth, with Diabetes and high blood pressure rounding out the list. 

Among men, the most common types of cancer included tracheal cancer, lung cancers, colon cancer, and anal cancer. Breast cancer and tracheal cancer caused the most cancer-related deaths among women. 

Interestingly, the cancer rates varied considerably between the Jewish and Arab sectors. While more than 1/4 of Jewish deaths (25.7%) were cancer-related, only 19.8% of patients from the Arab sector succumbed to cancer-related causes. 

The data was similar to that collected in 2010, and small differences show a continuation of certain trends spanning several years in regard to deaths in Israel. In 1980, heart disease was the leading killer in Israel; in 1999 cancers replaced it as the prime cause of death.

Diabetes and kidney disease were previously responsible for 0.7% and 0.8% of all deaths; in 2011 they rose to a whopping 5.4% and 4% respectively.

The news follows reports that the rate of diabetes in Israel has risen rapidly over the past decade. Blood hemorrhaging has decreased considerably as a cause of death, from 12.5% in 1970 to just 6% today. 

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  1. IsraeliGirl143 says:

    Wow cancer is the leading cause? Watch, in the next 5 years it will change because Israel is so medically advanced that they will probably already have a cure for it soon lol.

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