Stabbing thwarted, riot at Hevron terror funeral

October 31, 2015  

Arab rioters clashed with the IDF in the city of Hevron in Judea on Saturday, amid the funeral of five Arab terrorists who were killed attacking security forces.

The funerals came even as an Arab terrorist tried to stab a security officer at Gilboa checkpoint near Jenin in Samaria.

An investigation of the incident showed the terrorist apparently hid near the taxi stand located adjacent to the entrance to the security check area for goods being shipped to and from sovereign Israeli territory.

A security guard who was checking the crossing before opening it caught sight of the terrorist running towards him with a drawn knife.

The guard called to the terrorist to stop several times, and then shot and neutralized him.

Large security forces, including medical teams, were called to the scene, although the terrorist did not succeed in inflicting any wounds. The IDF decided in response to keep the crossing closed until further notice.

In Hevron, thousands of Arabs attended the funerals of the five terrorists, two of whom were female. They waved Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flags and chanted “we will die but Palestine will live on.”

As the funerals began the Arab rioters began hurling rocks at IDF soldiers.

Palestinian Arab medical sources claimed 12 Arab rioters were wounded by Israeli fire.

AFP contributed to this report.

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