South Tel Aviv Activist Attacked by Africans

November 26, 2014  

South Tel Aviv housing activist Mai Golan, who heads the “Hebrew City” non-profit organization that tries to help Jewish residents of the largely African neighborhood, was assaulted by two Africans Wednesday night. In a Facebook posting, Golan wrote about how she was nearly abducted and verbally abused by two Eritreans.

She said she had been walking down a street in south Tel Aviv when she noticed smoke coming out from under a door. She turned to two men, who, it turned out, were residents of the apartment, and told them that there was smoke. Instead of thanking her and taking care of the problem, they attempted to grab her, apparently seeking to drag her into the apartment.

The two opened the door to the apartment and grabbed an object from inside, and began brandishing it at her. They then began haranguing and cursing her, yelling at her that “this is not your country” and “you’re not Jewish, go back to Russia.”

Golan managed to extricate herself from the situation and filed a complaint with police. She then went on to give a talk on he importance of keeping south Tel Aviv Jewish. Earlier, she told Arutz Sheva that ever since the High Court last month voted down the latest iteration of the Immigration Law, more Africans have been slipping into Tel Aviv. “This government ran on a platform of removing the illegals from Tel Aviv, but instead the are returning,” she said. “It is the opposite of what is supposed to happen.”

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