Sources: Killed Hezbollah Terrorist Planned Attacks in Golan

January 18, 2015  

Intelligence sources said on Sunday night that Jihad Mughniyeh, the son of Hezbollah’s former operations officer Imad Mughniyeh, was planning terrorist attacks against Israelis in the Golan Heights.

The sources said that Mughniyeh, who was killed in an airstrike in the Syrian Golan allegedly carried out by Israel, was the head of a “broad and deep” Iranian-sponsored terrorist network. It is suspected that Mughniyeh was planning serious attacks against Israel, including rocket attacks, infiltrations, and using explosives and anti-tank missiles.

Mughniyeh was trying to harm Israeli soldiers and civilians, according to the sources. “Jihad Mughniyeh is a ruthless terrorist, who created a serious terrorist organization, with many capabilities and was busy preparing major attacks,” said one of them.

It was reported three months ago by CNN Arabic that Jihad Mughniyeh had followed in his father’s footsteps and received a senior role in Hezbollah.

An official in the Syrian opposition said at the time that Jihad Mughniyeh had been appointed “commander of the Golan Heights area” by Hezbollah.

The older Mughniyeh’s death in a car bomb attack in Damascus in February of 2008 has been blamed on Israel, and Hezbollah has promised to avenge his death.

Israel has never confirmed or denied whether it had anything to do with Mughniyeh’s death. A Lebanese daily in February of 2013 presented what it claimed was a detailed account of his death and blamed the Israeli Mossad for it.

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