Soldiers’ Campaign: ‘Don’t Ransom Me Like Shalit’

November 6, 2011  

The former IDF Chief Rabbi, Rav Avichai Ronsky, has signed the “Hosen” [Fortitude] Card that states that if he is taken captive by the enemy, he demands that the State refrain from releasing terrorists in order to set him free.

The Hosen Card initiative was started last week Ra’ananim, a religious Zionist youth movement, which has put up stands nationwide and began signing up soldiers. Hundreds have already signed the card that says “I am certain that the government of Israel and the IDF will do everything possible to release me with courage and creativity” but not through deals involving the release of terrorists.

Rav Rosnky said that in the relationship between a citizen and his country, the country takes precedence over the individual. “Freeing terrorists places civilians’ lives at risk,” he said. “The IDF’s deterrent force is greatly damaged by this kind of deal,” he explained, in a reference to the recent deal with Hamas for the freedom of Gilad Shalit.

Major (res.) Yoni Setbon, who heads Ra’ananim, explained that the initiative is meant to counter media campaigns that encourage prisoner exchanges.

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