Soldiers accused of hitting terrorist detained

October 29, 2015  

At the military court in Yafo on Thursday, a several-hour long discussion about four IDF combat soldiers accused of hitting a terrorist was held, and concluded with the four being left temporarily in detention.

Representatives of the Military Advocate General (MAG) requested that the fighters from the Netzah Yehuda Battalion be arrested until the end of the legal proceedings against them.

In response, lawyers Aharon Rozeh, Chai Haber and Avi Piranski who are representing the soldiers for the Honenu legal aid organization demanded that they be immediately released.

The court postponed giving a decision on the point until next Sunday, and in the meantime left the combat soldiers in detention.

“In the discussion that took place today until the late evening hours, I argued in the name of the client that the indictment against him does not match the evidence, and the crime attributed to him does not match his acts, and that the acts do not justify an arrest even for a soldier, and that he should be released,” said Attorney Rozeh.

“I hope that the decision that will be given this coming Sunday will adopt my arguments.”

Attorney Piranski, who is representing one of the soldiers, said, “the evidence against the accused was obtained while violating his rights. In any case the accused denies the accusations.”

“Not only did this incident never happen, it would have been better if the indictments had never been submitted in the first place,” said Attorney Haber, who represents the other soldiers.

“It was saddening to hear that according to the military prosecution the combat soldiers should be arrested until the end of the procedures, in a claim that they are dangerous and that their behavior harms the power of the army that is under criticism,” he added.

It was reported on Thursday morning that the IDF Criminal Investigation Division (CID) searched for “right-wing statements” on the cell phones of the soldiers, as part of its attempts to incriminate them with assaulting the terrorists.

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