Snow to Pile on in Jerusalem, Reach the Negev Desert

January 9, 2015  

The ongoing snowstorm that has set in on Israel is only to intensify on Friday, with extreme cold and snows expected to reach as far south as the northern Negev desert.

Jerusalem has only recorded a light dusting of snow until now that has largely tapered off, but that’s all to change on Friday with predictions of much heavier snow caused by the freezing cold temperatures. Snow has already begun falling in parts of the Gush Etzion area of Judea to Jerusalem’s south.

Snow has also begun in parts of Jerusalem, in addition to heavy snow in several locations in the north including Tzfat (Safed), the northern Golan Heights, Metula, and several towns in the Upper Galilee.

The extreme cold is also expected to bring snowflakes to areas that rarely get them, including the northern Negev desert and the Shfela region of flatlands between Jerusalem and the coast. In the Tel Aviv coastal area and the south of the country rains are expected, with possible flood warnings in the regions.

Amid sporadic rain fall from the country’s north to the Negev in the south, snow is to be concentrated on the Jerusalem mountain range and the Negev mountains in the north of the desert.

Moving ahead, on Friday night roads in the mountainous areas are expected to ice up, and snow is to continue mostly in the south.

On Saturday, temperatures are to rise slightly while remaining extremely cold, and rains accompanied by thunderstorms and hail are to occur in the afternoon centered around the north and coastal areas. There are flood warnings in effect, with the rains reaching the Negev and snow in mountains in the north.

Local rains focused in the coastal and southern regions are to continue on Sunday, with the rains ceasing towards evening amid continued flood warnings. Temperatures are to rise even further on Monday, which is to be partially cloudy to clear.

School? Maybe not

Given the extreme weather, children are to continue getting a chance to take off from school and enjoy the snow-swept vistas in various parts of the country.

All schools and kindergartens remain closed in Jerusalem, as well as in the Gush Etzion area and Beitar Illit, although schools in the town of Keidar were said to be remaining open. Likewise there are school closures in Beit El and Ofra.

Other than Ofra, Psagot and Givon Hahadasha, schools throughout the Binyamin region of Samaria are to open Friday morning. In Eli only elementary and middle schools are to open, and in Shiloh the middle school for boys is to close, as is the Benny Binyamin middle school in Beit El.

Classes are cancelled in Arad, as well as in towns in the Har Hevron region of Judea including Kiryat Arba, Telem, Adura, Susya, Negohot, Otniel, Karmel, Maon, Avigail, Yatir and Beit Hagai.

The northern town of Tzfat (Safed) is to start classes from 9 a.m., although the city’s academic college will not be in session. Likewise in Har Hadar and in the Tamar Regional Council classes are cancelled, although kindergartens will be open in the Tamar area.

Classes are also cancelled in the Upper Galilee Regional Council area.


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