Sniper Versus Sniper: IDF Takes on Gaza Cell

October 20, 2015  

IDF forces and Yamam counter-terror Border Police units on Tuesday conducted sniper fire at a terror cell over the border in southern Gaza, killing one of the terrorists.

The IDF noted that the cell was responsible for several incidents of sniper fire targeting IDF forces over the border last week, and had planned additional sniper attacks.

Security forces identified the terror cell adjacent to the Gaza security barrier, spotting them preparing another shooting attack against IDF forces.

In response, IDF snipers opened fire on the cell, with at least one fatal hit on a terrorist identified. No wounds or damage were inflicted to the IDF forces.

Gaza medics told AFP that one Gazan died and another five were wounded by the IDF fire on Tuesday. They identified the dead terrorist as Ahmed al-Serhi, 27.

The IDF Spokesperson Unit released a statement saying, “the IDF will not tolerate any attempt to harm citizens of the state of Israel and IDF soldiers, and will continue to work against any attempt to conduct terror attacks against the state of Israel.”

The sniper action against the terror cell came just shortly after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visited the region, and stopped to speak with journalists at a vantage point looking out over Gaza.

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