Single Mother Wins the Lottery

February 25, 2014  

A single mother of three has come forward as the winner of last week’s lottery prize of four million shekels.

The winner, who was not identified by name, is in her 30s and works as a beautician. She said her first step will be to buy a home for herself and her children.

“I live in a rented apartment. The first thing I’m going to do is buy an apartment… If that works out, maybe I’ll buy another one as an investment,” she said.

She recalled hearing about her win, “On Saturday night, I went out to get some air, and remembered that I had the lottery form in my purse. I went to the first stand I saw and got the good news about the win.”

“When I heard I had won I felt like I was in a dream, and I’m still in a dream,” she continued.

“For the past few years I had the feeling I would get a prize in the lottery,” she added. “I’ve been buying a ticket every week.”

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  1. happyoldman says:

    Yay ! Such good news ! I am happy for the young lady and her children ! Very nice to hear good news !

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